Our Commitment

As JTS looks to the future, we want to ensure that our campus continues to serve the growing and evolving needs of students, faculty, and the larger Jewish world. The reimagined Morningside Heights campus will fortify our role as a preeminent institution of Jewish higher education, integrating academic scholarship and teaching with a commitment to strengthening Jewish tradition, Jewish lives, and Jewish communities.

A few short paragraphs about what this will mean for the JTS community, the Jewish world, and the local community more broadly.

This project reflects our highest values.

Our new campus is a project of which we are proud now and will be proud in the future. From its design through its construction, it will be guided by Jewish ethics and Jewish law and will reflect our highest values—Torah living and learning, respect and dignity for all people, care for our community, accessibility, and environmental sustainability.


The safety of workers and the community is our highest priority.

Our construction manager, Gilbane Building Company, holds one of the best safety records in the industry. Its OSHA and insurance-industry ratings far surpass the industry average, it is the recipient of numerous industry awards for safety, and its rules on the use of safety harnesses are stricter than those required by federal regulation. State-licensed safety personnel are present full-time on the construction site. There are also signs posted prominently with a phone number for anonymously reporting unsafe conditions. Finally, a safety task force comprising faculty, students, and staff meets regularly with the construction manager to review safety procedures.


Workers on our project receive fair wages and are paid in a timely fashion.

Gilbane has established wage standards applicable to all workers. It enforces these standards, and ensures timely payment, by requiring subcontractors to submit verified payrolls. In addition, the current  10-year high in New York construction wages means we are paying and will continue to pay highly competitive wages.


Our project promotes values of diversity and inclusion.

Our construction manager uses a “merit shop” model under which both workers who are affiliated with unions and unaffiliated workers are welcome to participate in constructing the new JTS campus. So far, JTS has awarded major contracts, equaling millions of dollars, to union shops, and we will continue to reach out to union subcontractors. The project is open to the broadest cross-section of construction workers from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders.


Our campus will reflect our commitment to caring for the earth.

Some of the many green design features of the 21st Century Campus include a building designed for excellent thermal performance; economizers for air handling systems; high-efficiency LED lighting; and high-efficiency mechanical systems that lower energy consumption.


Our campus will emphasize accessibility.

In the design phase, we received input on accessibility from our campus community as well as design review by an outside consultant. Some key features include: accessible elevators and bathrooms, ADA-compliant dorm rooms on every floor of the residence hall, gender-neutral bathrooms, an assistive listening system and wheelchair spaces in the auditorium, and full wheelchair accessibility to the courtyard, atrium, library, seminar rooms, and performance/conference spaces.


Our project will enhance the local community.

Our renovated campus will enhance our ability to partner with local institutions and to make the resources of our world-renowned library available to a wider range of students, scholars, and members of the broader community. Our new auditorium/performance space will enhance our ability to welcome visitors to musical performances, academic discussions, and programs on critical social issues.

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By reimagining our campus, JTS will continue to cultivate leaders who think in new and innovative ways about Judaism and the broader world.”

Alan Levine, Chair, Board of Trustees