Our Vision

Why This Project?

We are building a 21st Century Campus to meet the needs of current and future generations. It reflects our commitment to educating and inspiring future Jewish leaders—so they may inspire our communities with a vision of Torah that speaks powerfully to contemporary Jews. The new JTS campus will create a dynamic hub for Jewish learning and living, for building community, and for exchanging ideas with the world around it.


Our new library will be more than a home for books and precious manuscripts.

It will be an incubator for the Jewish imagination. A place where students, faculty, scholars, and visitors can converse with Maimonides, debate the giants of Vilna, or encounter the owner of a feminist siddur from 15th-century Italy. Immersed in the life and thought of the Jewish past, our students will gain the knowledge and inspiration to create a vibrant Jewish future.


Our new residence hall will be more than a dormitory for sleeping and eating.

In its beautiful common spaces and dining areas, students from diverse religious backgrounds will share Shabbat meals and holiday celebrations, experiencing the singular rhythm of Jewish time. They will build community and explore what it means to live Jewishly in the 21st century. They will create fresh models of Jewish engagement and bring them to communities throughout North America.


Our new auditorium will be more than a lecture hall.


It will be a performance space for the Jewish spirit. Here, new theatre pieces will consider ancient Jewish texts. The beauty of a cantorial solo and the syncopation of modern jazz will share the same stage. And today’s foremost religious and secular thinkers will discuss literature, ideas, and policy relevant to the Jewish community and the world at large. The human soul is boundless, and Judaism must nourish it in every way—and with every means.


A light-filled atrium will join all our spaces, old and new.

It will welcome visitors and encourage relationships and the exchange of ideas. It will reflect the inclusive, open, dynamic spirit of JTS in the 21st century.


Our new campus will be beautiful, yes. But its success will be measured by the excellence of our faculty and students; the learning we share beyond our walls; the quality of the leaders we create; and the impact of those leaders upon the communities they serve. 

Amy Kalmanofsky, Dean of Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies and Blanche and Romie Shapiro Associate Professor of Bible

It truly is a time for planting and rejoicing as we build a steadfast home for our intellectual and spiritual community and for the Judaism we affirm.”