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Foundation Walls Go Up

We have reached a pivotal point in construction. After months of excavation work, our team has made significant progress on building the foundation of our new campus. It’s a pivotal moment because once the foundation is complete, we will see the “superstructure”—the skeleton of the new residence hall/library building—begin to rise.

Our construction manager expects the foundation to be completed by the end of the fall semester. Over the last few weeks, as major excavation neared completion, we’ve seen workers building the “formwork” of the foundation—creating what is essentially a mold to hold the concrete foundation walls. When the concrete is set, the formwork can be removed.

By the end of December, the construction team will do underground plumbing and mechanical work, along with additional site preparation. Excavation work will be complete. Then, sometime in January, we expect the beginning of the concrete superstructure to go up.


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