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Roof Work Draws to a Close; Foundation Complete

For the last several months, while excavation and foundation work have proceeded on the ground, a team of workers has labored six stories above, installing a new roof on JTS’s current buildings. We expect this work to be done at the end of January, at which time the scaffolding and sidewalk sheds abutting our buildings can be removed.

The roof work commenced last summer in order to replace the roofing that has covered all current JTS buildings since 1928 (except the much newer Kripke Tower, which will also have its roof replaced). Though the roof work is taking place at the same time as the 21st Century Campus project, in fact it’s an entirely separate job.

Here are key details:

  • For the last six months, skilled roofers have been removing the old slate roof and replacing it with new slate. They are also replacing old, attic-level windows and making any necessary masonry repairs.

  • Workers on the roof project are protected from falls by a system of scaffolding and specialized netting that was designed for the project by an engineer and approved by the New York City Department of Buildings, as required by law.

  • A licensed asbestos abatement team was brought in to remove small amounts of asbestos contained in material used to patch the old roof. An independent air monitor was on site during all work. We expect a day or two of final asbestos abatement when the roof on Kripke Tower is replaced.


The main excavation and foundation work are complete. Our construction team is now doing complex interior mechanical work prior to starting work on the superstructure in January. This means the campus will be relatively quiet between now and roughly the end of January, although we can’t promise total quiet as we’ve been informed that the developer constructing a condominium building next door to JTS­ has just broken ground on that parcel.

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