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Focus On: The Residence Hall

Community—it’s the heart and soul of List College, JTS’s unique dual-degree program with Columbia University and Barnard College. Until now, residential life at List has taken place off the JTS campus, in nearby buildings. The 21st Century Campus will change that, with a state-of-the-art undergraduate residence hall located right at JTS. It is designed to foster a close community where Jewish living and learning each inform and enhance the other.

The residence hall will share a building with the renowned JTS Library. The library will occupy the first two floors and basement of the seven-story building, while the residence hall will occupy the five floors above. What’s exciting is that students will now be able to access the campus directly from the residence hall, in addition to having a dedicated entryway from outside, on 122nd Street, separate from the main JTS entrance. Both entrances will have appropriate security, with a security officer on duty 24/7 at the street entrance.

To further build community, each floor will feature large common spaces—for cooking, studying, socializing, holding events, and sharing meals. The common areas include a full kitchen with two sets of ovens, sinks, and other cooking apparatus; a large dining room; and a large study area with tables and comfortable chairs. The residence hall will also feature a beautiful moadon, an inviting, light-filled gathering space where students can meet, work, relax, and hold holiday celebrations and social events.

As for living quarters, first- and second-year students will live primarily in double rooms, with some singles available. Juniors and seniors will live primarily in singles. To serve diverse needs, there will be ADA-compliant rooms and bathrooms on every floor. Each floor will feature single-occupancy bathrooms and its own laundry facilities, and students will have the option of a microwave and mini-fridge in their rooms.

The new undergraduate residence hall is central to the 21st Century Campus’s mission to build Jewish community. It also reflects our deep commitment to List College and to developing the knowledgeable, passionate lay leaders so vital to the Jewish future.

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