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The New Campus Comes Into View

Over the last few weeks, we’ve watched with excitement as scaffolding and netting come down, and the beautiful brick façade of the 21st Century Campus is revealed. Peering into the JTS courtyard, we can see our construction team erecting the roof of the soaring atrium that will connect all our buildings, old and new. Suddenly, the scale model in the lobby and the artistic renderings on our website are coming to life.

While we cheer the more visible progress, the construction team has moved steadily ahead on many less obvious, but critical, elements of the project. They’ve been testing underground ductwork, constructing elevators, and connecting elevators and machine-room equipment to their permanent power source. Just recently, a large crane lifted the last units of mechanical equipment onto the residence hall roof.

A lot is now happening indoors, including plumbing, HVAC installation, and electrical work.

The new building is right on schedule to open for the fall 2019 semester. After years of planning and construction, completion of the 21st Century Campus is in sight.

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